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our world order

Posted by straw prophet on June 8, 2011 at 4:31 PM

reposted from a facebook note:

so i had a conversation with a student in one of my anthropology classes. she mentioned that she's been anticipating a world government for some time, and that she's had difficulty discussing the topic for years because of the taboo nature of it. the internet has changed this, in that people no longer have to submit to social taboo and groupthink (unless of course you're so crazy you can't find anyone on the internet to talk to, lol). she asked how i would go about addressing the formation of a world government, something that is inherently bad in many people's opinion (*cough*nationalism*cough*).

i told her that i too see the formation of a "world government" as basically inevitable and that instead of fearing this and clinging to our old social models for security that they can't provide anyways, instead we should be asserting ourselves in the formation of this global government. we should be demanding basic standards of living for all humans, regardless of race, creed, or location. we should be ensuring that everyone has the proper resources available to them so they can pursue their happiness, be it food, education, transportation, ect. as carl sagan says, "we are one planet." we're a single ecosystem. what happens on earth affects all earthlings, and that includes anyone that can read this.

to all my fellow humans out there, i say this is our world.

let's make it the best possible for everyone.


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Reply Another voice
2:31 PM on December 7, 2011 
I like what you're doing--keep up the good work! Please check us out at: globalstrikeforwordpeace.org We're on the same page and together we CAN change the world.
Reply straw prophet
5:51 PM on December 12, 2011 
thanks! will do!


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